The Magic of Dreams

Everyone on earth, no matter if they’re the President of the United States, a member of some forgotten Amazon tribe or a prisoner on death row, surrenders to magic at least once a day. We have to. If we don’t, we will die. 

What magic is this? 


Falling asleep is the ultimate act of submission and trust. Fully trusting your environment and releasing yourself to rest is essential to your existence and necessary for life.   

When you are asleep, in your personal dreamland, you are truly alone.   

To give up control and be completely alone is difficult for some people. This fact may explain the high sales of sleep aids and popularity of sleep comfort items (what’s your sleep number?). 

We can go longer without food than we can without sleep.

So, what happens when we are asleep that is so essential that we will literally die in about 14 days if we do not get any? 

1. Your body repairs and renews itself. The term “get your beauty rest” is based on science.

Only in a state of total relaxation can your body begin to repair itself. Blood cells are sent to task repairing small bumps and bruises, and fighting infections. Digestion settles and nutrients are absorbed. Without a proper amount of recharge, your internal battery will suffer. You need this recharge. Studies have shown that with just 3 days of sleep deprivation, you will begin to hallucinate.

2. Your mind repairs and renews itself – Dreams.

Dreams are an intensely personal subject and they are nearly impossible to study, therefore science knows little to none about either the content of dreams or their intended purpose. Are they meant as a means of memory “storage”? Are they random images that fire as the synapses contract, relax and realign? Or, are they something different, occasionally providing us with divine guidance and insight? Science does not know.

The internal and external repairs that your body automatically performs each time you sleep are as essential as the work your brain does when you dream.

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