Xanadu Dream Therapy

What people are saying:


Are you stuck like a fly on flypaper? Like gum on your shoe? Like a bad song jingle in your head? Or worse? Is your editor or boss breathing down your neck waiting for you to finish your next project? Or, are you your own worst enemy, and expect everything that flows out of your fingertips to be perfectly brilliant from the start? 

Don't you wish you could just...sleep on it?

You can, and you should. Your dreams are the key to unlocking all the creativity that's bottled up inside you. You just need to figure out where you hid the lock.  

"Kristina's Xanadu Dream Therapy provided me with great insight into my dreams. I learned how to recognize what some of my dreams were trying to tell me, and how to get more out of my dreams."

- Michelle R.

Ten (10) part Creativity course. 

In this course you will get a basic overview of sleep and dreams, and the ways you can use them to enhance your creativity.

* includes Basic Dream course as above. 

Four (4) part Basic Dream course.

‚ÄčIn this course, you will learn about the stages of sleep and learn a brief overview of what dreams are.